Reducing Transport Costs, Improving Service.

3T Logistics provide smart, cutting edge solutions for logistics problems.

What we do at 3T Logistics

3T combine systems solutions and transport expertise for the express purpose of reducing our clients’ transport costs – whilst improving service through a process improvement approach. Formed in 2000 from a background in 3rd party and 4th party logistics, 3T offer a range of solutions that address our individual clients’ needs.

We routinely save between 10% and 50% of a company’s transport spend depending on the initial client position.

3T work with a range of businesses which include premium brands with complex logistics needs such as multiple sites, customer geography and service levels.
3T give clients back visibility and control of their transport operations. We provide our clients with the information that they need in a format that they can use to make informed decisions to reduce cost and improve service levels. Working in partnership with our customers, we create continuous improvement frameworks that support best practice and drive world class processes.

Our Clients

How do we do it – core philosophy

To implement change programmes that develop world class processes, supporting cost reduction, service enhancement and frameworks for true continuous improvement.

Visibility and Control

Visibility and Control

3t’s integrated end to end transport management systems provide the real-time data for proactive decision making and the planning and execution tools to implement change. Integrated into the 3t platform is a suite of load maximisation, routing, scheduling and mode allocation solutions equipping the transport management team to truly optimise a complex transport schedule.

Application of Expertise

Application of Expertise

Through years of transport experience, 3T are able to identify and quantify the impact of transport related issues within an operation and offer innovative process focused solutions. These lead to sustainable cost reduction while enhancing service levels.

We care about people.

People are at the core of 3T’s strategy. Our objective is to ensure that we have the highest calibre of employees in the industry.

We offer ambitious career plans to attract the best individuals into the business, whilst our year on year growth ensures that our staff can develop their careers. We promote from within wherever possible, introducing new people to strengthen the team at all levels. We offer exciting and dynamic careers for the highest performing logistics professionals.

Our unique approach

3T have developed from a transport management background and therefore uniquely, have been directly responsible for all aspects of both cost and service level.

We still remain, for many of our customers, a single point of contact for all of their transport related issues. These include day to day service issues, claims management, cost control, KPI reporting and continuous improvement initiatives. Our systems are key to all of our solutions and have therefore been built to solve customer issues and support our management of the solutions.

All functionality has been focused around saving time, reducing administration and improving efficiency. The technology needs to be quick enough to run in real operations and “real” enough to provide tangible value.

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