The solution to managing fluctuating demand against
the highest Health and Safety Standards

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The cost benefits of a multi-carrier network managed against a single set of performance measures

Provide customers with advance notifications real time tracking and electronic POD

Problems solved

Access to multiple providers
to manage seasonal demand

Advance notifications to
remove site access issues

Management and reporting of timed delivery adherence to avoid claims

Safe urban routing of bulk materials

Web-based training and safety management to demonstrate compliance

Variable vehicle type requirements; crain offload, moffet, flat bed availability

Large volume low value products so sensitive to lower cost opportunities

Distribution of manufactured units; stairs and bay windows can be incorporated into single platform

Single pallet to full load orders managed through access to pallet and groupage

Our Systems
SOLO is our software as a service (SaaS) enabling clients to benefit from 3t’s industry leading technology.
It is comprised of 8 elements to create a fully integrated Transport Management System.

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