Retail and food logistics

In today’s challenging retail market 3T offers
the transport and Supply Chain differentiator

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3T is a truly integrated end to end solution. We plan from product information to optimise loads from picking through to POD approval.

Eradicating manual intervention reduces time, improves efficiency and provides transparency to all parties.

Problems Solved

Reduce order lead times through automated load building

Integrate driver hours and delivery times with route allocation

Increase load fill by understanding product dimensions

Integrate hundreds of delivery rules to ensure maximum OTIF

Eradicate traditional areas of manual intervention that generate cost

Create visibility of products inbound on vehicles to improve availability

Change assigned routes in transit to support flexible demand plan

Integrate current road traffic conditions into planning schedule

Control assets such as cages and totes through the same solution

Our Systems
SOLO is our software as a service (SaaS) enabling clients to benefit from 3t’s industry leading technology.
It is comprised of 8 elements to create a fully integrated Transport Management System.

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